7 Best Radio Apps for Android to Try Using in 2019

In today’s world, most people don’t prefer radio anymore. There was a time when TVs didn’t exist either and people would stay glued to Radios. Although most people have moved on, some people still love to listen to radio channels for news, music and sports as well.

Here are 7 best radio apps that need to be used by radio lovers in 2019:-

  1. iHeartRadio:- Possibly the most popular radio app right now, iHeartRadio comes with the usual FM stations mixed with the stations of its very own creation.
  2. myTunerRadio:– Talk about variety, this radio channel comes with over 50,000 radio stations across almost 200 countries of the world. This app is for traditional radio lovers.
  3. Radio online:- Another app which comes with traditional services, Radio online has had its own legacy with decades of existence amidst all the other radio apps.
  4. SiriusXM:– While the above-mentioned apps come with traditional values, this app has come up with advanced services having a variety of channels, around 150 channels are there on this app.
  5. Spotify:- This name is creating great popularity in radio apps in recent times. It has focused on radio-style streaming over a past number of years.
  6. Pandora Music:- Possibly the most successful radio app right now, the app is known for random music mainstream which catches people’s eyeballs easily and well, the eardrums as well.
  7. Di.Fm:- Promising the most addictive electronic music, Di. Fm is one of those radio apps which everyone should try at least once considering the uniqueness in its services.

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