Crypto startup Mudrex by IIT alumni lets traders automate and track their strategies


The future of the crypto in India is not open after the koinox which is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange have just shut down the treading services. even though the Bangalore base start-up Mudrex hope to start which gives the crypto traders to automate the trading strategies without the writing single line of code

How do Mudrex works?

User can start building their strategies on the visual editor while using the drag and drop tool to create the strategies. It is tested on the past data and optimized to do the trading. Once the user sures about the strategy then this strategy deploys it paper or the mock trading in which traders trade on the live markets with the help of the dummy money to see the performance.

Even the users can contact the API keys in which they have their funds with the matrix.  Giving the mudrex permission to implement the traders when the user’s strategy triggers to purchase and sell an event.

It expects to grow 90% by the end of the year and the trading strategy range between the 10$ to $800. It gets to keep 70% of the share while Mudrex gets 30% for each trade.

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