Get 35% Off a New LG Phone This Prime Day

Prime Day comes as a sigh of relief for all the Amazon Prime customers. People who have a subscription to Amazon Prime gets to achieve a great discount on a wide variety of products.

Technology is something that people root for the most, so it’s not a surprise to have the highest discounts on technological products.

This Prime Day, LG Phones will be launched on Amazon. There’s a wide range of products from LG which are still new and are yet to be used by a significant number of people. However, with this marketing strategy, people will go for the products. LG has been trying to achieve a higher rate of growth in sales of smartphones, and this Prime Day, they plan on making their desired goal.

The new LG Phones will be available at a discount of 35%. LG Stylo 4 is one of the latest products in the smartphones produced by LG. This product used to be available for $300 before, but on this Prime Day, you can buy this product for a price of $160. That’s an injurious fall in the price.

LG Stylo can now be bought easily by the customers. The amount of price can now be paid in various parts as well. You can make 5 payments of $32 each month. This makes it for a better product strategy as more and more customers will be attracted towards the product and the sales will increase this Prime Day!

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