How many Instagram user are there in the whole world?

Instagram is possibly the most popular social media app right now. People enjoy using Instagram because they can go through the best of the pictures, and they enjoy a better quality of the photographs as well. The count of Instagram users increases each moment, faster than that of Twitter or Facebook.

As of April 2019, Instagram has gone past 1 Billion users. That’s truly a remarkable feat considering the amount of time taken to achieve the mark. It is one of the fastest to reach 1 Billion users as well.

The accurate data for the number of users is not available, and it will hardly ever be available considering how fast the count goes up and up. Each second counts for several new accounts.

Instagram wasn’t going to try something different than any other social media website. Facebook was already doing what Instagram wanted to do, and on a larger scale. You could share your posts and create your pages, join groups, and text people from various parts of the country with ease.

however, Instagram stuck with the idea of photo sharing and video sharing.

Now that Facebook is owning Instagram, it is going to increase its users further since Facebook is a master at bringing in a new user base from time to time adding on to the features and creating a better space for the users as well. Reportedly, Instagram will be able to hit 2 billion marks by 2023!

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