How to backup your text message on an iPhone, using iCloud or a Mac Computer

When you buy yourself a new iPhone, the worry of losing all your data on your previous iPhone may arise. There are some data which is very important for any person and would never want it to perish. Thus it is important to find the tools to back up your data on your iPhone.

iCloud is the best option in order to back up your data. From songs to pictures to movies to games to everything, iCloud is the tool that helps you out with backing up of your data. It does the same for text messages as well. All you need to do is follow a few steps. You need to go to your settings on the phone.

Using iCloud

Then you need to click on your photo on top of the screen. Afterwards, you need to tap the iCloud button. You need to look around for messages and once you find it, you need to tap on it. The green colour will signify the fact that the text messages have been backed up on iCloud.
Using Mac
You need to open iTunes on your iPhone and plug it in and sync the data. If your computer asks you to “Trust This computer”, you need to click Yes. Select your device and then go to the messages icon. You can select messages and your data related to text messages will be saved. Moreover, you can see the summary and make changes regarding the backup relating to other data as well.

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