Instagram to add these Special Features


Instagram has been a popular medium on social media. It was established way after Facebook or Twitter or Whatsapp but has been remarkably high with the achievements and popularity in this short period.

Recently, Instagram has decided to bring in new features that can excite the audience. Some of the highlight features are as follows:-

 Instagram has decided to launch a brand new Instagram Story camera. Yes, you heard it right. Now Instagram is going to make your experience much better to share your stories with the help of Instagram Story camera!

 Instagram will also feature a donation sticker for raising money.

 Instagram has decided to move to the creator profile as well. Creator profile will serve more services for the users than the normal ones, thus helping out people who need the use of it as a promotional tool!

 One of the unique prepositions that Instagram has come up with is hiding of the likes count.

Usually, people focus not on the post but the number of likes it gets. If a job doesn’t get too many likes, people decide to move away from the position even if it is an inspirational or a unique post. Thus Instagram has agreed to let the users have this feature of hiding their likes!

 Instagram has also decided to bring in “Away Mode” to get rid of bullying. Bullying is a problem all over social media, and just like Facebook, Instagram is also looking to tackle this issue.d

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