List Of Electric Two-Wheelers That You Can Buy In India

There is a big list of electric two-wheelers that you can buy in India. Most middle-class people who cannot afford to have luxurious cars often go for two-wheelers which are available in the market for an economical price.

  1. Hero electric bikes:- There Is a wide variety of two-wheelers provided by Hero electric. Hero Electric Photon 48V, Hero Electric Optima E5, Hero Electric Flash LA are some of the top two-wheelers produced by Hero electric. Hero Electric Flash Li, Hero Electric Optima Li are some of the other products under Hero electric.
  2. Avan Motors:- Avan Motors provide for some of the best two-wheelers as well. Products ranging from the price tag of 50 to 80K, Avan Motors has been a very popular commodity in the market. The sales have increased with time and if you’re looking for economical products, Avan Motors should be the
  3. Komaki:- Another brand that produces the best of motor wheelers in India. Komaki Xone, Komaki XGT KM, Komaki X2 Vouge, Komaki Super are some of the product lines of Komaki. There’s a stiff competition between Avan Motors and Komaki motors right now.
    Other than these 3, there are various two-wheelers available in the market. Other brands include Bajaj, Honda, Revolt, CFMoto. There are more names to it since the demand for two-wheelers is increasing with time. Two-wheelers will always be in fashion especially in a country like India. More brands will follow in the near future!

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