Samsung patent filing reveals possible design for AR glasses

We all already know the brand that Samsung is. It has become a revolutionary in the field of electronic devices and has earned a huge name for itself.

Samsung accounts for profits in billions every accounting year and more than the profits, the word of mouth that goes around the brand tells a whole different a story about the impact that Samsung has made in the market.
Recently, it has filed another parent. Although the patent filing is yet to be understood, some experts are claiming that Samsung might have filed a patent for a new design of AR glasses. AR glasses is a very unique and amazing device that can be used for merging virtual information with physical information.
It’s not a technology which has been accepted by the people but it takes no time to make a trend in modern-day & age.

Technology makes for the best of trends and Samsung knows it better than most of the organizations that are around.
Samsung keeps on filing for designs all the time and people get excited. It is to be noted that these filings lead to no result a lot of times. In the past few years, Samsung has kept on doing so to make for the stiff competition that’s going around in the market. Samsung never wants to go easy on its competitors which is a reason why they keep coming with new experimental ideas. Sometimes it leads to success,sometimes it leads to failure. Only time will tell where Samsung is heading with its new ideas!

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