WhatsApp is getting a  new shortcut feature, here is how  it will help

WhatsApp has been a very popular medium for sending messages over the years. The modifications have helped people to post their stories, get better with the graphic designing of the app and so on and so forth. Its recent update has allowed for the new features to get poured into the app.

The new WhatsApp shortcut feature will allow people to save their time and furthermore save their storage as well. The quick edit media shortcut feature will allow people to edit the media files sent or received in a conversation at a faster rate.

Before, you needed to follow various steps in order to edit your media. It used to be a bit annoying and a bit more complex as well. WhatsApp authority knew that this feature is troubling their users one way or the other & that’s when they came up with this shortcut feature.
When you will click on this shortcut, you will be automatically coming to the edit media section where you can try to edit the media available with you in whatever way you desire. It’s simpler, it’s unique and more than that, it will save you time. WhatsApp is looking to go bigger than ever thus it may introduce much more features like sharing WhatsApp status on Facebook, Dark mode, QR code scanning etc.
For a fact, this quick edit media shortcut is yet not out as WhatsApp authority is still in the process of making it ready for the use.

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