Global app revenue on iOS, Android stands at $39.7billion in H1 2019: Sensor Tower

Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store are some of the most popular apps around the iOS and Android OS.

It has a lot to do with the fact that both the platforms provide for the best of the apps and best of the services. Last year both apps generated $34.4 billion from the first half of last year but they have seen a great escalation in the revenues to $39.7 billion which can be considered a great rise.

Apple’s App store had a major part to play in the cumulative revenues. Apple’s App store got as much as $25.5 billion in revenues from the consumers and seen a great acceleration.

Google Play Store got $14.2 a billion revenues from its users and proved to be a profitable venture in the first half of the year.Although both apps generated a huge amount of revenues, they still didn’t find their way into the top 5 most earning app of the year apart from the gaming apps.

This list is topped by Tinder. Tinder has been a great platform for young boys and girls and it’s evident that the youngsters have shown their love towards the app. Netflix has been an immensely earning app as well. Apart from these two apps, there are Tencent Video, iQIYI and YouTube in the top five highest revenue-generating non-game apps.

Google Play Store and Apple’s Play Store have found their way to reach the top 10 most earning non-game apps for sure!

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