How Germany closed its coal industry without sacking a single miner

Germany closed the coal industry working in its economy for good recently. It was December of 2018 when Germany finally accepted the harsh reality. The harsh reality meant that Australia will always produce coal on the much cheaper cost of production than Germany will ever be able to do.

It wasn’t until last year that Germany was able to understand the hitter truth.
All these years Germany has worked really hard to produce coal in such a way that profits can be generated on a large scale and the whole economy can get benefited.

While Germany is a nation that accomplishes its goal more often that, sometimes, it is too much an ask and burden on the country to successfully implements the plan and Germany failed at producing coal as per the ask and thus decided
to close it
It doesn’t mean that miners will get unemployed. Each & every miner will be provided with jobs in some other sector. The miners have worked really hard in the economy and it will be too harsh on them to not provide them with apt employment.

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