How to fund a Global Universal Basic Income: Yangcoin

Universal Basic Income is a concept that is followed all over the world. Each country and its citizens believe that every person should be able to earn basic income and at least be able to have the right amount of food, very basic shelter and clothing as well.

Most of the countries believe in resource UBI which means the food that is given the first preference over the shelter and the outfits.
However, Andrew Yang had different ideas regarding universal basic income. According to Andrew Yang, it wasn’t important to give preference to resource UBI. It was rather important to note down the monetary UBI. By this concept, Yang meant that resource UBI can be a tricky situation but monetary UBI will provide the right amount of funds in order to achieve the basic income all across the globe.

Now the first question arises that how will the Global Universal Basic Income be funded in the first place? Well, Yang hasn’t discovered any unique idea to generate income. He has focused on the fact that there should be another value-added tax to achieve Global Universal Basic income.

  • A common amount of tax will be deducted from the goods and services will be further used to achieve the target.
  • Andrew Yang believes that taxes are the only thing that corrects the unbalances in the world and helps poverty to be decreased.
  • Andrew Yang has also called upon proving $1,000 every month to each citizen in America, removing poverty for good from the continent!

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