1 billion installs of Microsoft Word for Android

MS Word has achieved a massive feat recently. It has received 1 Billion installs on Android systems. Microsoft Word is the application which helps you make your documents and is one of the first word processors to be produced in the entire world. Microsoft had seen a lot of success with its programming on computers but to achieve a monumental feat in Android operating systems has also been one of the major goals of the leading IT hub. It has surely attained the right to become a successful word processor for Androids as well.

It has been reported that 1 Billion might not be the exact number of downloads since some of the mobile phones have this app installed beforehand. In fact, the number might be more exaggerated than what it actually looks like. However, Google Play has no doubts in its mind to declare 1 Billion installs of MS Word for Android phones.

Other applications such as Spreadsheet, PowerPoint have seen a great number of installs as well. Each one of them has been deemed to have as many as 500 million installs. All in all, Microsoft will be very happy considering the number of downloads it has seen in recent times.
Overall, Microsoft is looking for even bigger prospects in the future with its app. Therefore, they have decided to launch new services to its applications which will help them become more effective and more presentable as well. It’s still to be seen what the next move of Microsoft will be regarding the word applications!

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