How Apple Watch saved a man from drowning

It might sound a funny or a weird incident but it is really an incident making a few headlines. In Chicago, a guy named Phillip Esho was riding on Jetski. He was enjoying his time around beautifully in very good weather. In the heat of the moment, he decided to become a bit careless. He decided to take pictures of Chicago skyline. Until he could realize anything, a wave struck him bad and he was knocked into the water. To make matters worse for himself, he lost his phone in the process as well as his phone split away from his hand.

Luckily, he was wearing an Apple watch. Through this watch, he made an SOS call. The Apple watch automatically connected him with the local emergency number. A few minutes after he called, he found out that Chicago police had come there to rescue him
. The police officers made quick works of it and helped Philip Esho get out of the trouble that he threw himself into, he should be considering himself
very lucky.
Apple needs to be credited for creating such technology. Usually, we can’t figure out to what extent technology can be useful to us but if the can save our lives, you are never looking for anything further.

Apple watches have come up with this kind of feature which can even save the lives of people, as is the case in this real-life incident which occurred recently in 31 street harbour in Chicago, Illinois!

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