Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone: Which Plan Is Best In Less Than Rs 500

Jio, Airtel & Vodaphone are three of the top-selling mobile network organizations. All 3 of the network operators are trying really hard to make a better move than others. The competition in the mobile network right now is the stiffest. People can forget to drink, people can forget to eat but no one in today’s day and age can live without networking services. Let’s analyze all 3 networks one by one.

Jio is providing an extremely impressive plan at Rs. 449. Jio gives away 1.5 GB/Day with 100 SMS/Day as well. Of course, the calling is unlimited and it provides for a great HD calling as well in this unlimited calling. The validity of the pack is for a duration of 91 days, that’s around 3 months.
Airtel provides for the same set of features. 1.5 GB/Day with 100 SMS/Day at a price tag of Rs. 448. The validity of this pack cuts down in comparison as you can use this pack for a total of 82 days.

Vodaphone and Idea is coming with similar features with a slight difference in the price. This pack is costlier than other 2 packs by a mere 10 rupees as it getting provided at Rs. 458.
Now it becomes very difficult to choose one plan. In terms of pricing, all 3 are almost the same providing similar services. Jio is more consistent in its services while Airtel’s networking system is the strongest.
Vodaphone is speeding up on the data services as well. At the end of the day, it gets to the quality of the services!

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