MIUI 10 will add these new features to Xiaomi smartphones

MIUI 10 has come up with its own new version recently. Xiaomi has a wide audience to cater to and it becomes essential to keep hold of that audience and not lose the grip of it. Xiaomi has been the best selling smartphone organization in the past few years in India. With MIUI 10, it has decided to add all new
. These features will make Xiaomi even grander and provide its wide audience more satisfying mobile services and help them reach grow further as well.

Xiaomi has decided to come up with 3D gesture. This feature will allow users to perform the activities on their phones simply with their gestures through the hand. This feature has been tried & tested before but this time around, Xiaomi wants to execute it better than ever.
It will also provide users with a standard app for cleaning unnecessary stuff from smartphones. The orders will be given to a virtual assistant who’ll help to clean up the junk from the mobile phone.
In the new MIUI 10, there will option to blur the tasks in the multitasking window. Some information can be confidential for a person and he might not like to get other people involved in that task or look around for that task. This feature will definitely help in confidential information.
All these features will first be tested in China, the original market for the products. Once it gets the clean cheat from China, the services can be provided all across the globe and a wider audience can be satisfied!

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