Top 10 Most Active Venture Capital Firms In India for Startups

Startup ecosystem plays a vital role in developing countries like India. Indian government provides ample opportunities for the startup ecosystem in the country. A business when started needs proper planning and funds to invest. Funds are the essential aspect of a firm to be functional.
From the period of inception, a business goes through several stages such as early stage, growth stage, mature stage, and a threshold point. Well, the need is different at various stages of a firm. So, the startup owners do the planning accordingly for different stages of the business. However, startups in India are gaining momentum in this century with lots of innovative ideas and technology.
Though the startups incept with unique ideas, not many investors are willing to invest their money in a new venture. Therefore, many startup ventures still struggle to find an investor and convince them to invest in their enterprise. It becomes difficult for the owners to approach the capitalists and make them invest an adequate amount in the business.
Though banks are the most reliable sources of investment for small business, the firms can’t depend on the only source of funding. There is always a significant amount of money is essential to start a business. Hence, venture capital firms in India are funding for the startup in its growth and early-stage now. It is because venture capital firms are a reliable source of funding for small business and startups.

Over 650 venture capitalists since 2015 have shown their interest in participating in funding the startups. SEBI recognizes the venture capital firms, is an appropriate form of funding the startups and small businesses. However, it is essential first to find an investor and convince your investors that the project is beneficial in long-run.

Ways To Find Outside Investors
When you start a business, the first thing you consider is the fund to make the project functional. There are various sources you can opt to invest in your project. Your investors can be your friends or family, but these are not outside investors. Venture capital is one of the outside investment sources on which many business owners rely.
1. Do Not Exaggerate
Your business plan is the essential thing the investor will go through. Therefore, be precise and clear about convincing your business plan to the investors. Avoid bulk emails or templates as no investor going to read in bulk. Do not send email in bulk to many investors.
2. Do The Research
It is the most crucial aspect of finding an investor for your business. Do market research to find various venture capital firms are investing in which sector more. That will give you insight about in which way you can approach the venture capital firm. Every investing firm has a unique interest in investing in different kind of businesses. The research will help you in deciding which investment firm is reliable for your business as per the nature of your project.
3. Target A Group Of Investors
You can’t target a single investor when you are looking for the fund for your startup or approach any of the investment firms haphazardly. You should make a list of the investors or venture capital firms which you think are reliable for the business and target them. Accordingly, you approach them with your business plan and convince them to invest in your project.
4. Attractive Presentation
It always matters a lot hoe represent your business plan or project blueprint to your investor. A clear and precise summary, video presentation, simple language, etc. are some of the ways you can adopt to represent your project to the investor. An instant overview and excellent tagline can be catchy that will make the capitalist curious about your business. However, you should focus your goal on making your presentation good enough to get a positive response from the investor.
5. Have Patience
Patience is an essential aspect when you are starting anything new. Primarily when you have represented your idea to the investor. They may respond to you instantly, or it may take to get a response from the investor. Generally, the process takes time to be approved. You should have the patience to wait for the right time and the means to complete. It may take longer than you have expected.
6. Choose The Investor Carefully
Choosing the right investor is crucial for the business as the whole operation depends on the cash flow into the business. You should select the venture capital firm after thorough research on the market. Check the firm’s background and past investments before choosing it.
A wrong investment firm can hamper the whole operation process for you, and you can face problems with cash management later. So, they say choosing is an investor is like choosing your spouse. The whole business operation depends on the investment, so, select the firm carefully.
Finding an outside investment get more manageable in this century due to the venture capitalists. The venture capital investment firms are now investing in various small businesses and startups in diversified sectors. Following are some of the venture capital firms in India you can consider for your business.
1. Nexus Venture Partners
Nexus venture partners are one of the top venture capital firms in India. The firm invests in startups and small businesses, the investment size ranging from 500,000 million dollars to 10 million dollars. The company invests in companies that address global or Indian market. Nexus venture is famous in investing in growth and early stage in startups around many sectors in the United States and India.
The industries it is dealing with:
Technology, media, energy, the rural sector, infrastructure, agribusiness, business services, outsourced services, cloud, mobile, big data analytics, internet, data security, and storage.
Funded companies:
Housing, PubMatic, Komil, Snapdeal, Delhivery, ScaleArc
The important people of the venture firm:
Anup Gupta and SuvirSujan.
2. AccelPartners
It is one of the oldest venture capital firms in India, functioning for more than three decades in the startup ecosystem. The headquarter of Accel Partners venture firm is located in California, and many companies backs. The venture capital firm mainly targets on internet technology companies. The investment ranges from 500,000 dollars to 50 million dollars, depending on the size and nature of the business. The VC firm founded in the year 1983 and is functioning in New York, Palo Alto, India, and London.
The industries it deals with:
Infrastructure, software and mobile, internet, consumer services, and cloud services.
Companies funded:
CommonFloor, Myntra, Book My Show, Probe, Zansaar, BabyOye, Flipkart, and Fresh desk.
The important people of the VC firm:
Subrata Mitra, Mahendran Balachandran, and Prashanth Prakash.
3. Chiratae Ventures
Chiratae ventures, which are previously known as IDG venture, is operating in the Indian startup ecosystem for more than 15 years now. The venture capital firm has a funding portfolio of more than two hundred companies in different sectors. It funds the businesses in various stages such as early, growth, and expansion stage. The investment range of the venture firm falls between 1 million dollars to 10 million dollars.
Industries it is dealing with:
Engineering, enterprise services, software products, mobile, internet, enterprise software, and consumer services.
Companies funded:
Ozone Media, Zivame, UNBXD, iProf,, FirstCry and Myntra.
Key people to know:
SudhirSethi and Manik Arora.
4. Blume Ventures
The venture capital firm was incepted in the year 2011; it has decades of experience in funding the startups. Blume ventures not only fund the small businesses and startups but also mentor and support the upcoming entrepreneurs. The venture capital firm has funded over sixty different companies with innovative ideas to establish them in a highly competitive market. The investment rage of the company ranges from 0. Million dollars to 1.5 million dollars.
Industries it is dealing with:
Media, R & D, Mobile applications, the software sector, consumer internet, data infrastructure, telecommunication equipment, etc.
Companies funded:
Printo, EKI Communications, Audio Compass, Carbon Clean Solutions, and Exotel.
Key people to know:
Sanjay Nath and Karthik Reddy.
5. InventusCapital Partners
It is a trusted venture capital firm in India, funds the startups at early, growth and expansion stage of the business. The goal of Inventus capital partners is to make the new entrepreneurs successful. The VC firm generally leads its first venture with one to two million dollars at the bearly stage and then invests in the growth stage in the second round. The investment range falls between 0.25 million dollars to 10 million dollars.
Industries it is dealing with:
Telecommunication equipment, information technology, healthcare, catalog retail, internet, restaurants, hotels, media, consumer services, etc.
Companies funded:
CBazaar, Insta Health Solutions, Policy, Farfaria, Savaari, Poshmark.
Key people to know:
KanwalRekhi and Samir Kumar.
6. Matrix Partners
Matrix Partners is the venture capital firm which invests in startups and small businesses at early and growth stages. The VC firm is US-based and operates in the Indian startup ecosystem for years. The venture capital firm invests in high-potential companies as well as help them in growing by making proper marketing strategies.
Industries it is dealing with:
Internet, media, consumer service, education, healthcare, Fintech, media, etc.
Companies funded:
mSwipe, Ola, Housejoy, Limeroad, etc.
7. Venture East
Venture east is serving in India from the year 1997, one of the longest-serving venture capital firms. The firm is investing in various sectors in the early and growth stages of the business. It has invested in more than seventy startups and small companies until now in the country. The number is expected to increase in the future as the many startups are emerging in the market now. The investment of the firm can be over 325 million dollars depending on the nature and requirement of the business.
Industries dealing with:
Digital healthcare, science-based startups, retail, financial services, life sciences, and pharma, consumer services, etc.
Companies funded:
GoliVadapao, Portea, Eyantra, etc.
8. Jungle Ventures
It is an entrepreneur backed venture which helps the small businesses and startups across the Asia Pacific. Jungle Ventures is a Singapore-based capital venture firm invests in startups globally. The firm is recognized internationally due to its services in Asia Pacific markets. It is investing in different sectors in the Philippines, Thailand, the United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. It invests in many Indian financial institutions along with other diversified sectors.
Industries it is dealing with:
Jungle ventures are investing in almost every sector and well-known among entrepreneurs around the globe. Some of the common areas the VC firm invests in are big data analytics, digital media, Fintech, Saas, and E-commerce.
Companies funded:
Milaap, Pokkt, Ekstop, Zipdial, etc.
Key people to know:
SubrataMitra and Amit Anand.
9. Warburg Pincus
It is a promising capital venture firm in India, invests in startups and small businesses at an early stage, growth and expansion stage. The firm is primarily focusing on investing at growth stage as it is the crucial stage of every business. It has a portfolio of over 120 companies in diversified sectors as well as geography. Warburg Pincus capital venture firm has over 37 billion dollars under asset management.
Industries it is dealing with:
Real estate, media, energy, healthcare, telecommunication, industrial services, and telecommunication and consumer services
Companies funded:
Biba, Lemon tree, Quikr.
Key people to know:
Hari Ravichandran.
10. Saif Partners
The venture capital firm is dealing with venture capital as well as private equity since 2001 in India. The firm invents a range of ten million dollars to a hundred million dollars in several rounds. At the early stage of the business, the firm used to invest between 200,000 million dollars to 500,000 million dollars. At the mature stage, the investment usually ranges between 30 million dollars to 35 million dollars.
Industry it dealing with:
Mobile, consumer products, industrial and financial services, IT, internet, etc.
Companies funded:
Book My Show, Justdial, Homeshop18, Network18, Paytm, etc.
Key people to know:
MukulSinghal and Mukul Arora.
The venture capital firms in India are functional in the startup ecosystem for years now. If you are starting a new venture, you can consider approaching these investment firms for funds to make your business successful.

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