Top 5 Coworking Spaces in surat ?

Here is the top coworking space in the surat.

  1. Spacelough

It allows you to work the exciting environment of the freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups to be the part of the events and the professional networks.

  1. iKoVerk

It is one of the co-working spaced launched in surat and it is one of the biggest co-working spaces in India. It has hot desks, private desks, and conference room.

  1. Spaceplexx

It is one of the fastest-growing space in the surat. It gives a better environment and the best place for any startups. It amazing place to work for the coworkers and freelancers. You will get the internet and the great vibes here.

  1. My cute office

It is located in the surat and gives the professional working environment. You can use the space as you need. It is recently built and showing that it has all the facilities which are require by the start-up and freelancers.

  1. Synchro

It is the best space for coworking and provides the business consultancy through K cell consultancy. It is a well-equipped to workplace and adds great value to one’s work experience.

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