What does Spirit Animal mean?

In spiritual cultures or traditions, spirit animal refers to a spirit which guides or secure a person on a journey and who characteristics that individual shares. It is even metaphor, for anyone or anything a person relates to or admires even.

From where does Spirit Animal came?

The traditional concept of animal guides, specifically prominent in few indigenous, especially Native American, cultures and religions, was adopted in Wiccan and Pagan spirituality in the 1990s. In these specific contexts, spirit animalsare meant literally, referring to spiritual guides that take the form of animals. Earnest quizzes starts to emerge in the mid of 2000 to assist you in finding your spirit animal.

Spirit animal has enhancing been used to ironically, indicate, a strong appreciation for someone or something. In the year 2007, a commenter on a blog regarding the television show, Mad Men posted ‘Peggy Olson is my spirit animal’.

Who uses Spirit Animal?

A spirit animal in the comic sense can be anything. It can be cute and funny animals, fictional characters, or even beverages and food- any and every little thing that someone is into or “feels” at a specific moment can be a spirit animal.

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