Best Stock Brokers in India

Before choosing the perfect stock broker as per your requirement, one needs to understand what type of investor he or she is. There are two kinds of stockbrokers, one is full-service stockbrokers and the other is a discount broker.

Discount Brokers offer to provide the minimum trading facility at lower charges and they allow the customer to make real-time and fast decisions, on the other hand, Full-service stockbrokers offer a wide range of services apart from the usual buying and selling, which includes savings account, online trading service, and Demat account opening. Additionally, the full-service stockbrokers will update the investor about the current market trends.

While choosing the best stock broker as per your requirements, the following points must be kept in mind:

  • Before choosing the broker, you must understand what kind of an investor are you? The first type is the day time trader who invests for a small duration of time, as these investors lookout for brokers who offer a flat fee or low fees on transactions. The second type of investors are the invests for long durations, hence, in this case, a stockbroker with long-term understanding, strategy, and complete knowledge of the market trends is required.
  • The next important factor is the reputation of the stockbroker in the market. One can check the reputation of a broker on the SEBI website and also through another investment website.
  • Cost efficiency should be considered before choosing the broker, as low transaction fees are perfect for short duration traders and for long-time investors a low maintenance fee is important.

Top Stock Brokers of Indian Stock Market

Broker NameOpeningYearly MaintenanceBrokerage
Angel BrokingRs.350Rs.300.50%
ICICI DirectRs.975Rs.500.55%

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