Top E-commerce Companies in India by Revenue


Below is a list of Top E-commerce Companies in India, Inc. is a Beijing-based Chinese company launched in 1998 by Liu Qiangdong. In 2004 we move to the web. Started as a magnet shop, it soon diversifies with electronics, computers, smartphones and similar products. In 2013 from the 360buy.COM domain purchases and passes to the domain performing a real rebranding process. Today is one of the two main B2C
e-commerce companies in China for transaction volume and turnover.
When it comes to e-commerce giants, there cannot be Alibaba, the second largest Chinese company in the world in terms of turnover to reach the podium. The Chinese e-commerce company was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma as a platform for C2C, B2C and B2B trading services. Today it also offers web portals, electronic payment services, such as Alipay a service similar to Paypal, search engines for shopping and cloud computing services.
Zalando founded in 2008 in Berlin by David Schneider and Robert Gentz ​​under the wings of Rocket Internet GmbH and inspired by the American model of the company Zappos. In its early days, Zalando sold only shoes, but today it is a platform entirely dedicated to the fashion in which it is possible to find not only shoes and clothing but also accessories and beauty products.
Otto Group is a leading German company in the global e-commerce scene based in Hamburg. Symbol of renewal and ability to keep up with the times, the company founded in 1949and managed to reinvent itself despite the changes that occurred over time.
Flipkart is an e-commerce company founded in Bangalore, India, by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and former Amazon employees. As well as the colossus founded by Bezos, the Indian e-commerce company began its activity in the sale of books and then expanded into other product sectors such as electronics, clothing and more.
B2W Companhia Digital is the largest online store operating in Latin America. It was born from the merger between and 60% of the shares are in the hands of LojasAmericanas. At the time of the union, the company had 50% of the e-commerce sales in Brazil. The company today operates through the sites mentioned above in addition to Shop time and Soubarato. Recently he is trying to make his way into the US market.

Zappos is an e-commerce company specializing in the sale of footwear and clothing items. The company was initially launched as but then founder Nick Swinmurn decided to change the name to Zappos, referring to the Spanish word for shoe Zapatos.

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