This startup is providing young entrepreneurs with a community of relevant target demographic

New Delhi based tech entrepreneur Nitin Sood has three words of advice for any new business looking for ample growth opportunities: “Come, join us.” The co-founder of HappyShappy, India’s fastest-growing social commerce platform, his enthusiastic exhort for startups, mid-sized enterprises & social entrepreneurs is in response to a growing collection of millennial business owners who’ve planted their flag in his community that embraces new business persons, rising celebrities, talented artisans and aspiring artists. His company, while flourishing in 2019’s startup culture, is simultaneously helping many a young entrepreneur achieve their vision and reach new heights.

We live in a glorious era of advancement and innovation, with young Indians taking charge to change the landscape of the cities they live in, with grit and determination. Today, most startups interpret the 24×7 online era as the death of the professional salesperson, believing that interactive technologies make it possible to sell products and services to consumers with little to no human interaction.

Now, it’s true that with the proliferation of the Internet, social, and mobile media, the sales paradigm has changed. And with more than half of the Indian population using social media platforms, it seems natural to rely on these avenues to begin promoting your products. But what’s also true is that a growing number of consumers are wary of the thousands of products the Web brims with, and are either indifferent or less receptive to unknown brands. In such cases, startups need a platform that provides a relevant audience that listens with an open ear and gives them a fair chance. This is where HappyShappy has succeeded!

Since its inception, HappyShappy has helped hundreds of young entrepreneurs reach a never-before-seen-or-targeted audience via creative routes. In the past year, the startup has achieved 3,00,000 monthly visitors and on-boarded 750 unique home-grown brands. But more importantly, in the past three months alone it has hosted five different successful events where it has collaborated with many budding startups and introduced them to a whole new segment of consumers – working professionals, bloggers, influencers, students and interns. This provision of a relevant audience that too in the right demographic has attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs who have since joined the fast-expanding community called The HappyShappy family.

The Startup’s most successful event up-to-date, the “Summer Style Soirée,” a summer fashion and beauty edit received wide acclaim among the audience. The event, held at WeWork, CyberCity, Gurugram saw two home-grown brands Femizen and Repepp as well as Shefali Khanna (@shefali_khanna_), Founder & Chief Merchandising Officer of Dailylook, come together and showcase their products to consumers in an engaging, insightful and fun-filled manner. Both, Femizen, ethnic jewelry and accessories label, and Repepp Juices, a famous health beverage brand, received their fair share of time in which they engaged with consumers and received valuable feedback about their products. Sana Sood, Co-founder & Creative Head of HappyShappy, says, “Nowadays customers are more likely to embrace a product that they discover through an innovative manner than one that is forced upon them through unknown channels. HappyShappy is a well-trusted and reliable name; what we have here is a huge community of consumers that know that any brand we associate with has that X factor and will be worthy of their time.”

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