Apar.com- Leader in Power Transmission Conductors and Petroleum Specialty Products


Based in Mumbai, India, Apar industries are in the manufacturing of niche specialty oils and power transmission conductors. A diverse range of products with their details are being displayed on apar.com for the convenience of the users. Its manufacturing facilities are accredited with ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 quality management systems.

Specialty oil and lubricants: including transformer oil, white oil, industrial and process oils, printing inks, hot melt adhesives, metalworking fluids, and so on. The range has more than 300 different types of oils that cater to the particular needs of various industries for diverse applications.

Aluminum and alloy conductors: Apar is one of the largest producers of aluminum conductors worldwide. The range includes aluminum wire rods; ACAR, ACSR, AACSR conductors; new generation alloy conductors. The technical details are also mentioned on the portal for your reference.

Electrical and Telecom cables: since 1981, it has been serving customers with a wide range of cables. The cables are supplied to various sectors such as petrochemicals, steel, cement, power utilities, metros, etc.

Automotive lubricants: in more than 70 countries, the company offers over 400 variants of lubricants. The range includes DEOs, two-wheeler oils, gear oils greases, etc.

Polymers: the catalog details can be checked on apar.com

The clients can check the details of the dealers nearest to their place through the web apar.com. For any questions, all the addresses with telephone numbers, email addresses are mentioned on the site. The requests can also be submitted online in an inquiry form, and the apar support team will ensure to revert at the earliest.

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