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About Yaantra (yaantra.com)

yaantra.com is one of the leading and the most trusted destination for dealing in refurbished smartphones segment. The prime focus of the website is to be an integral part of the upcoming digital revolution. It offers a wide range of smartphones and various other services. It is a one-stop-destination that caters to all smartphone queries such as water damage, broken glass, software problem, power issue, and any other problem with best in the industry services. They are pro at refurbishing the smart gadgets.

History of Yaantra (yaantra.com)

yaantra.com was founded in the year 2013 with a vision to consistently work on the idea of making technology affordable and accessible for all. The main functions are divided into three main sections, that are: Pre-owned, Refurbished, and Unboxed. A team of experienced and skilled professional takes care of the diverse needs of customers from across the country. They also offer several incredible deals throughout the year.

The network of Yaantra (yaantra.com)

The company enjoys a strong customer base of more than 1.2 lakh people that is growing daily, its experienced and well-skilled technicians have repaired more than 60,000 smartphones and have infused more value to our won the trust of its customer and fulfilled their digital needs.

Products and Services Offered by Yaantra (yaantra.com)

  1. Smartphones
    1. Refurbished
    2. Unboxed
    3. Pre-owned
    4. Yaantra Power Bank
    5. Yaantra Accessories
  2. Mobile Repair
    1. Doorstep Repair
    2. Tablet Repair
    3. Mobile Repair
    4. Check Repair Status
  3. Accessories
    1. Power Bank
    2. USB Cables
    3. Adaptors
    4. Charger
    5. Earphones
    6. Speakers
    7. Bluetooth
    8. Headphone
    9. Smartwatch


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