– Top Source of Tailored Online Legal Solutions and Legal Documents in India is a Private Limited Company, and its registered office is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India. The company was started in April 2015 and has been committed to providing high-quality skilled services for small businesses, start-up entrepreneurs, and individuals.

The company provides various services that aim to fulfill any legal and regulatory requirements to provide instant and sustainable business growth. It makes services highly accessible and affordable through state-of-art technology platform along with the network of experienced professionals who work across the country.

Some of the primary services provided by are

  • Starting a new Business including private limited company registration, partial liability partnership registration, one person company registration, registration of partnership firm, a sole proprietorship firm, register an Indian subsidiary, and so on.
  • Tax Registrations and Filings like GST registration, start-up India registration, pan, and tan application, professional tax, shop, and establishment registration, etc
  • Changing business form type like proprietorship to the partnership, proprietorship to LLP, proprietorship to OPC, proprietorship to a private limited company, partnership to LLP, partnership to a private limited company, private company to a public company and much more.   
  • Bookkeeping and Compliance like annual compliances for a private limited company, accounting, and bookkeeping.
  • Legal Services such as a letter of appointment, letter of completion of probation, letter of employee relieving, a notice of employee termination, employment contract, letter of job offer rejection and consumer complaint letter and so on.

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