Attainix Consultancy Services

It is started by the Abhijit Talunkar to give attention to detail on the importance of the Intellectual capital for growing the businesses in this knowledge era. He is an expert in the field of Management, intellectual property, and value-based emotions. It gives the advisory services which start retail and the private investors to check and expand the intellectual capital of the underlying businesses before you make any investment decision. Attainix Consulting builds an online tool known as ic Trackers. It calculates and checks the Intellectual capital of some best firm in the world consistently.

It is so much accurate that the portfolio gives from its calculation and has a fantastic benchmark which indices by miles! They also provide Ic Advisor services. It is based on the tool which has returned above the benchmark returns to all their clients.

Intellectual capital is the total of all the assets in an organization and sub-classified into the Human capital, Relational Capital, and Structural Capital. It genuinely needs the services of the expert to understand the mental process. Attainix Consulting helps you throughout the process and make your work easier and smoother. They have all the experts who have more than years of experience in the field.

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