ZERODHA- broke the barriers of investors.

It was started on the 15th of August 2010. They have the goal to break all the barriers which are an investor, and the traders are facing in India in the aspect of the support, technology, and cost. They are the most prominent stockbroker in the retail industry due to their unbeatable pricing model and updated technology. They have millions of clients who are placing the order on a daily bases and contribute more than 15% of all the Indian retailers. Furthermore, they have several outstanding open online education and the community to make sure the retail traders as well as investors. They have invested in several startups. They have a goal of growing the rapidly Indian capital markets.

Nuthin Kamath is the founder of the Zerodha. Throughout the journey, they faced several obstacles and overcame them. Now, he changes the countryside of the Indian Booking Industry. They have an excellent team that fulfills all the needs of the clients. They are always focusing on doing new each day. They catch the latest updates and continually improve their strategies to give better results to them. They introduced the broking system in India in 2010. Now, they are rapidly growing with technology.

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