Everything You Should Know About ProDigital

As companies start to migrate from their traditional web-server setups, the cloud platforms continue to evolve. The cloud platforms provide flexibility and can be scaled and improved according to the needs of the customers.
One such company that has been leading the cloud segment is the ProDigital. The company has its headquarters located in Pune and has two more offices located in Mumbai, India and Ahmedabad, India respectively. The company takes pride in providing digital cloud-based solutions and is one of the key Google Cloud Partner.
Furthermore, the company specializes in G Suite and ProERP platforms. Critical services like email services, document storage, cloud-based ERP solutions along with mobile solutions have led the company to grow by leap and bound in recent years. The company caters to the other small businesses and startups in the ecosystem and take care of their digital needs.
Based on its applications, the company is already a significant success in the manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, and FMCG industries. The modular ERP solutions like purchase, sales, stocks, and other solutions have helped the company grow exponentially in recent years.

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