Focus Softnet, a haven for Warehouse Management Software solution customers


The Journey of Focus Softnet began in the year 1992. Over time, the company has transcended from a regional Information Technology firm to a solution provider for multinational businesses. The company has strong expertise in R&D, and the services of the company reach to 17 distinctive countries from around the world — Focus Softnet is headquartered in Andhra Pradesh’s Hyderabad. The company has a $9.5 million turnover and comprises 688 employees.
The tablet and smartphone users can seamlessly log into the Focus Softnet’s WMS app. The company’s WMS app processes numerous requests, along with internal operations in a warehouse. With the WMS app from Focus Softnet, the user can transform and confirm allocated and unallocated offers from the external as well as internal warehouse operation right from the designated menus.
The company allows the users to perform the inward operation like stock movement, cationization, print skid labels, stock inquiry, among others. On the other hand, with the WMS app from Focus Softnet also allows the users to scan the value of the bin for finding a list of requests. They also enable the users to raise the RTS concerning the allocation strategy, and they facilitate the auto assigning of the numerous applications.

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