How do I Download RAR Files from Google Drive?


RAR is a file format that is commonly and popularly used to compress and archive multiple files altogether. Let us see one of its used cases. Let’s take an example, and you want to send two different PDF ebooks and an MP3 soundtrack to your friend using an email. Instead of attaching every single file individually, you can pack the files altogether into an individual RAR archive file then send it via email. Not only it assists you in keeping various records together, but it also decreases the total file size too.

Using Google Drive, you can open ZIP files. You have to keep your RAR or ZIP files in Google Drive and open it. Although it is straightforward to do, we will tell you the steps needed to do it.

Steps to download RAR files from Google Drive:

  1. Upload your RAR file in the Google Drive. If you want to see the preview of the contents, you can click once on the name of the data. To download each file contained in the RAR archive, you have to right-click on the file name and open it with the Google Drive viewer.
  2. After the RAR archive has been opened, you can now view the individual files. Now, if you take the mouse over any row of the list displaying the contents, you will get to see a clickable triangle on the right side. Click on the triangle and download this file.

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