bitrix24: affordable, customizable and integration enabled IT solutions


The world is becoming smaller by the global telephony system. The businesses can collaborate and globalize with the use of technology. bitrix24 is corporate providing IT Solutions for every requirement based on segments such as Role, Industry, Need, Tool, and business size. It includes an application for HR, Marketing, Customer Service, and Managers. Based on Industry, it provides IT Solutions for Legal, Retail, Transport, Storage, and Travel industry. Based on need it provides applications based on utility and tools such as for communication, productivity, management, CRM, calendars, telephony, Tasks, Projects, user-friendly website development, private cloud service, domain name and developing e-commerce platform. Thus, bitrix24 provides IT Solutions of all kind to small, medium as well as large enterprises. bitrix24 caters its services to over 50 lakh user organizations. bitrix24 offers affordable, customizable, and integration enabled IT solutions. Above all, bitrix24 provides a plethora of free tools for Customer resource management, customer service, communication, and e-commerce. Users can check bitrix24 partners from its directory and can directly put a requisition for easy to use software solutions.

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