I Phone 11: Camera


Yesterday, Apple showcased I phone 11. What makes it different from the other I hones are its the camera. They have given the big focus to the camera. It has duel lens sensors for the first time in an affordable I phone.

There is a 12 MP camera and had the 26mm lens. It is also paired with the 12 MP ultra-wide cameras. In the second snapper, you can have 120 degrees of view. If there is a low light condition, then Nigh Mode has given for it. In phone 11, it automatically turns on. It has an incredible look, and on the stage example, it’s quite impressive!

It maintains the brightness and tries to reduce the noise in images. You may not believe that your phone will be three times faster in the low light scenario. It can make 4k video recordings with time-lapse and slower. They have improved the image stabilization on the new phone too. According to Apple, “It has the highest quality video recording in a smartphone.

It has a spectacular 12 MP TrueDepth camera. You can even rotate the phone for the more full images. It is not a wide-angle shooter. It is the first time they include 4K video recording on the selfie camera.

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