I phone 11: performance


There is a chipset on I phone 11. It is A13 Bionic. It comes with the fastest CPU and GPU ever in any Smartphone. It is something that surely tests in the future. We have only seen the video games being played on the phone. We haven’t fully understood all the capabilities of the chipset yet! There are possibilities of having something beyond our imagination.
The battery of I phone 11 is one of the popular features. It works one hour more than the iPhone XR. You may never know about the exact size of the battery used by Apple because they never announce it. In the coming days, we will surely learn about it.
Apple I phone 11 will come running iOS 13 software. It is out of the box that comes with the System-wide dark mode for the first time. According to Apple, “it comes with the enhanced face id.” It has been not shown yet, how unlocking technology has been improved.
It will be available in the 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB. You may not get the exact price difference between all the three yet! But surely you can keep your expectations higher!

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