Chandrayaan 2 latest Updates


Chandrayaan 2 latest Updates
It was one of the highly complex missions of ISRO. It shows the technological leap as compared to the other purpose. It bought together the Orbitor, Lander, and Rover to get the details about the South Pole of the Moon. The whole world was watching the success of Chandrayaan 2 and had high expectations from it. It helps to check the surface of the moon and subsurface of the moon. It is the unique mission that not only studies one place but all areas combining. The orbiter is at the right place and started doing its work.

The camera of the orbiter is the highest resolution camera in any Lunar mission. It gives the high-resolution camera in any lunar mission. It is excellent for the Global Scientific Community. The management ensures that it has the life of the seven years instead of 1 year as they said.

The Vikram lender followed the plan decent trajectory from the orbit of 35 km to below 2 km. All the functions of the lender worked very well until they are happening. The success rate is 90% to 95% of the mission goals in each phase and area. The orbiter will continue to contribute to the Lunar Science.

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