Chandrayaan 2: Orbiter took the photo of the Vikram Lander


The ISRO found the lender on the lunar surface. The lender hit on the Moon’s surface and extended position. There are even possibilities of the damage of the Lander. The image was taken by the orbiter, which is orbiting the Moon.

The camera of the orbiter is of the highest resolution in any lunar mission so far, and the picture taken by the orbiter is useful for all the global scientific community.

According to the Chairman of the ISRO,” The ISRO got the thermal image of the Lander on the lunar surface.” He added after the loss of the connection with the Lander on yesterday they haven’t get the link yet!

On July 22, the chandrayaan two was launched. It is worth 978 crores. It has orbiter, Vikram lander, and Pragyan. On September 2, the Vikram separated from the orbiter. Early on September 7, Vikram tried to a soft landing on the surface but lost the connection and crashed landed on the Moon.

Indian Prime Minister said not to lose the confidence soon. It is the mission that is trying to achieve that nobody wanted to make it.
All the nation is proud of the Chandrayaan 2.

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