Chandrayaan 2: Reconnecting to the Lander is proving the more hard with the time


ISRO is consistently trying to link with the Vikaram Lender. Experts are saying that time is running out, and the possibilities to connect are less probable. ISRO announced that they would try to create the link to the Vikram Lender. The Vikram lender was located at the on the lunar surface on Sunday. ISRO will try every afford to connect with the lender again.
A senior connected to mission said, “ as the time goes by, it is hard to connect to the lender.”

He further added that with the right direction, it can still create power with solar energy, but it seems less probable with the time.
The first thing Vikram is in one peace even though it couldn’t able land on the four legs. Some chances impact shock may damage the lander. It was designed for the soft landing, but contact is lost. The lander has the three payloads to perform the science experiments. Rover has the two play loads to understand the moon’s surface. As time is going, ISRO has to try his best to connect, and if it happens, it will be a huge success!

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