Chandrayaan 2: What went wrong with the Vikram Lander?


It could happen that Vikaram Lander not only loses the connection but the control loss too. During the 15 minutes of the terror, the scientist experience the terminal phase of the mission. ISRO may never think about it, but it happened. The moment of enjoyment turns into a nightmare.

Until September 7, everything was going according to the planning. Even the Vikram lander crosses the lunar orbit and reaches near to the moon surface, but before the 2.5 km, it lost the connection with the ISRO center. In the first week of September, they successfully separated the lender with the orbiter. It was the historic moment for India because they never did it before.

Vikaram was going at the speed of the 6000 km per hour at the height of the 30 km. The soft landing was divided into three phases. Trouble starts when the transition period between the two steps. The first phase called as Absolute Navigation Phase and the second is Fine Breaking Phase. Before it achieved, the spacecraft was at a height of 2.1 km above and lost the connection with the ISRO. It was one of the heartbreaking moments for all Indians!

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