Everything you need to know about Lander Vikarm and Pragyan


India tried to a soft landing on the surface of the moon, but it fails. All eyes were on ISRO when the Vikram Lander was landing on the surface but lost the connection before the 2.1 km remains. Vikram lander is 1471 kg. The Scientist Vikaram Sarabhai gives the name. He was the father of the Indian Space Program. It was specially created for a soft landing on the Lunar Surface. ISRO claimed that it was supposed to be on the moon for one lunar day.

On the other hand, Pragyan is just a 27 kg robotic vehicle. It means Wisdom. It can easily travel up to 500 meters from the landing spot. It uses solar energy to work. If it was successful, then the Pragyan will come out of the Lander and take the intense probe of the moon soil. It has two payloads.

Moon Vehicle is the meaning of the Chandrayaan. The whole world was interested in this mission. ISRO also several plans for the next decade. One of those missions is the Gaganyaan mission. It aims to take the three Indians on the space. According to research, one can be a woman from it.

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