Making Law Accessible To The Society


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This organization aims to provide knowledge of LAW to the society of India and make common law more accessible. plays a very vital role in assisting everyday people in searching regarding Indian laws. brings out various technological innovations to make the process of searching law documents easier as laws are often vague, which implies that one needs to know, that how the judicial courts are interpreting them. Indian kanoon has integrated law clauses with the judgments of the court at, and such integration automatically allows to determine the most relevant court judgments and law clauses. Moreover, because of such technical innovations, law documents are made more accessible to ordinary people. While it is worthy of making law documents available to ordinary people, it is still tricky for familiar people to find out the required information easily. Therefore to remove such difficulties, Indian Kanoon was started.
Since last year Indian Kanoon is being used by a large number of people, and it is free for everyone.

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