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Benefits of Sale & Buy on KHOJinINDIA? allows users to browse 1,50,000+ suppliers and products information by 21 industry categories and 20000+ product sub-categories, ranging from Agriculture to Industrial Supplies.

KHOJinINIDA is one of the most significant online resources dedicated to small business. We have implemented a strategic and proactive approach that ensures our service delivery keeps pace with client requirements and growth at every step, without incurring any adverse impact on the customer experience or service levels. Our approach is predicated on continuous investment in people, processes, and technology to guarantee a flexible business infrastructure and resource model that more than corresponds with clients’ growth expectations. Put, the key to our success is our people.

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B2B platforms are becoming more of a norm among manufacturers and distributors selling to retailers and other businesses.

1. Business Overview. allows users to browse 1,50,000+ suppliers and products information by 21 industry categories and 20000+ product sub-categories, ranging from Agriculture to Industrial Supplies.

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Latest supplier catalogs, full company information, and product profiles. Product Alert e-mails when new products go online, send inquiries quickly to multiple suppliers.

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24/7 specific industry marketing reach to the global community of merchandise trade buyers. Marketing Website comprised of the home page, company profile, electronic showroom, factory tour, code of conduct, research and development, quality control, management, trade shows, OEM capabilities, and more. Improve buyer communications with address book and e-marketing functionality.

Business-to-business (B2B) means business-to-business, which is a business model that focuses on selling products and services to other companies. Think of it as a supportive company that that through their products and services helps companies succeed or boost their internal efforts. So if you sell office furniture, accounting program software or office paper like Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, you are considered a B2B company

Now, you might be thinking that is a pretty niche business model, because how much can you really “sell” to other businesses? But, you would be surprised about how much B2B covers. B2B is more common than you think in our modern world. Services like Dropbox, General Electric, Xerox, and WeWork are great examples of current-day applications of B2B companies. So, if a B2B company is going to be successful, they must develop active customer service and loyalty and create meaningful change in their customer’s business that significantly improves their performance. Significantly enhances their performance.


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1 Oct 2019              

Corporate Overview is India’s leading business-to-business (B2B) Media Company that facilitates global trade, with a particular focus on the Indian market, by providing information to international buyers and integrated marketing services to suppliers. delivers the complete and up to date information on Indian products and suppliers for buyers. is the number one destination for buyers to Indian sourced products and Indian sellers to find trade opportunities and promote their businesses online. has information about more than 5,00,000 Indian suppliers and products. has thousands of registered buyers who access this information daily.

1 Nov 2019

Business Overview. integrated sourcing, marketing, and cataloging tools work together to provide the right information at the Right Time, and in the correct format. allows users to browse 1,50,000+ suppliers and products information by 21 industry categories and 20000+ product sub-categories, ranging from Agriculture to Industrial Supplies.

1 Dec 2019

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We have video ads classifieds, audio ads classifieds, photo album slideshow classifieds, jobs classifieds, and property listing classifieds. And you can check our events page to see and book your travel plans. In our coupon pages, you can list your deals and coupons. If you want to write about your company, products or on your interests, you can post blogs or list products with product articles. This is the best available site to list your new arrival products and new product launches because our site supports products with photo, video, audio, and product articles and classifieds.


When businesses get started, their focus is often on how to get their customers through the door.

Business with smart name, experience, client service, quality product and services, correct registration, and certificates can forever get prime listings on our b2b marketplace. It’s our nearly Endeavour to confirm that the consumer’s area unit ready to KHOJinINDIA the correct entirely product and services from makers, suppliers, exporters, OEMs, wholesalers, retailers and repair suppliers in India on this online Directory.

If you were trying to find dealers for business info, property, study categories, article of furniture or even dealers for industrial generators or something you would like, Khojinindia.Com has revolutionized the info trade in associate degree era once Time is cash. KHOJinINDIA all told she is taken as a golden spade for sales professionals. It’s emerged as a website which might be relied upon mutually of the most robust databases of corporations in India. KHOJinINDIA all told facilitates corporations in accessing the data of corporations in property, IT, Retail, Consulting, producing, Services, etc. Directory options Business Customisation KHOJinINDIA all told need to extend the number of shoppers for your business? We’ve provided associate degree advertising medium which can offer you the most straightforward potential come on Investment (ROI)? Have to be compelled to prepare a celebration or construct a building? Many needs and only one answer –

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