Most expensive dogs breed in the world


Dogs are the most faithful animal, and their love for their owner is unconditional. Most of the people love to keep dogs. As dogs are the cutest and faithful animals, so here in this article, I will give information about some of the most expensive dogs breed.  

  1. Saint bernard:– it is one of the most expensive dog breeds and generally uses for rescue purpose.
  2. Lakeland terrier:- it is small in size and its weight is just 7 to 8kgs.
  3. Irish wolfhound:- it is tall and look-alike a wolf.
  4. Black Russian terrier:– it is the most friendly dog breed, and are great with children.
  5. Bedlington terrier:- it named after the town of Bedlington, Northumberland in North East England.
  6. English bulldog:- it is also the most famous dog breed and it can be identified with its wrinkled face.
  7. Portuguese water dog:- it is the most famous dog breed, it normally lives for 10 to 14 years.
  8. Saluki:- It primarily uses sight to hunt rather than scent.
  9. French bulldog:- it is the cutest dog breed and the most expensive one.
  10. Akita:- it is the most expensive dog breed, and it’s origin lies in the mountain region of Japan.

These are the top 10 most expensive dogs breed in the world.

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