Top 10 Hindi news channel of India


News plays a very significant role in our life, we get knowledge and entertainment from a news channel. It develops our knowledge and makes us wiser and updated. So here in this article, I will convey the top 10 Hindi news channel of India.

  1. AjTak:- it one the most popular and trusted news channel in India.
  2. IndiaTV:- it is also the most trusted news channel in India.
  3. Zee News:- it is one of the best and popular Hindi news channels in India.
  4. News 24:- News 24 is a free-to-air news channel which broadcast 24×7.
  5. ABP News:- it is also known as star news and it is one of the best news channels in India.
  6. NDTV India:-it is also famous Hindi news channel in India.
  7. DD News:- it is India’s first news channel.
  8. Sahara Samay:- Sahara Samay is among one of the six free-to-air news channels
  9. Indian news:- it is also one of the most popular news channels in India.
  10. IBN-7:- it is India’s one of the best Hindi news channel.

These are the best or top news channel in India, that offers the most accurate news in a precise form.

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