Top 3 budget airline in India


Air travel is the most convenient way of traveling. It is not only convenient but saves our lot of time. Every year the travelers of flights are increasing at a higher rate. Nowadays because of the popularity of air travel, the competition among several airlines has also increased. The different airline offers the best service and help the traveler to get the most convenient travel experience. So here in this article, I will inform you of the top 3 budget airline in India.

  1. IndiGo:- it holds the highest number of share, and it is cost low airline. It means you can reach to your desired place at a reasonable fare rate.
  2. Air India:- the list of incomplete without “ air India”, this airline is owned by the government and it serves over 90 locations that include both national and international.
  3. Spice Jet:- it is also a low-cost airline, that offer top-notch service and is giving a tough competition to other airlines. It serves around 40 destinations and offer extra legroom and complimentary meal.

These are the best or top budget airline in India. It offers top-notch service at a low rate. So get ready to fly high with best budget airlines in India.

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