Where is the Vikaram Lander


The chandrayaan two is successful because it achieved its mission goals. The Vikram lander doesn’t succeed in reaching the surface as it lost the connection from the ISRO. ISRO has still hopes for the Vikram Lander. They are waiting for the response of the Orbitor which takes two or days.

In history, there was one lander of another country lost on the moon but found after one year. So there are still hopes! The Vikaram Lander is just 2.1 km away from the moon surface when the ISRO lost their connection with it. It takes only 39 seconds to complete the 2.1 km.

The world has seen that India tried to reach where nobody ever thinks about it. The south pole of the moon is something that nobody knows much about it. The enthusiasm of people in ISRO turns down when Vikram Lander lost their communication. Experts are saying everything is not lost yet! Only 5% of the mission is lost, but 95% of the purpose will complete by the Orbiter. If the Vikaram is failed, then Orbitor is still there to achieve the mission. The Orbiter is safely on the lunar surface and performing on the rest of the task.

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