Why ISRO lost the connection with the Vikram Lander?


Why ISRO lost the connection with the Vikram Lander?

Vikram Lander found by the ISRO’s moon orbiter. It sends the thermal image of it. The obstacles on the lunar surface have been stopping the lander Vikram from getting the signals.

It is located on the lunar surface, and ISRO is trying to contact it. It has a crash landing 500 meters far from the landing site. There may be some problems, which are stopping to connect with the Vikram lander.

In the past, orbiter used to send the beam signal towards the lander to start the signs. In the present scenario, ISRO doesn’t know whether lander Vikram is getting the messages or not. There is always two-way communication, but they are trying to communicate in one way. It is one of the tough situations, but all the scientists are capable of handling the case.

It was just 2.1 km away from the surface when ISRO lost the connection with it. ISRO has 14 days to get the link to the Vikram Lander. The hope is still alive; everything goes well, then there are chances to the moon’s lander. Even the ISRO confirmed that 90 to 95 % of goals achieved by the chandrayaan 2.

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