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About Denso (

Denso is a well-renowned Japanese company and one of the world’s leading supplier of automotive components for all the leading automotive companies across the globe. The prime objective of the company is to develop products with the latest technology, best quality, and world-class manufacturing skills.

History of Denso (

The company was founded in the year 1949 as ‘Nippon Denso Company Limited’ in Japan. In the year 1954, the company’s technical training center was established. In 1961, the company was awarded the prestigious ‘Deming Prize.’ Toyota Motors owns 1/4th of the company. As of 2016, the company one of the top 4 suppliers of auto parts in the world. The company ventured into the Indian market in the year 1986 and established a significant foothold in the industry.

The network of Denso (

The company has a strong network of more than 1.5 lakh spread across nearly 190 subsidiaries around the world, including Japan, Europe, the USA, and many more. In India, the company has over 4000 employees, a regional center and a Research and Development Center.


Various Products and Services Offered by Denso (

  1. OEM Automotive Systems and Products
    • Automotive Components for Thermal, Powertrain, Electrical
    • Electronic Control Unit
    • Climate Control Products
    • Fuel Pump
    • Fuel Injector
  1. Automotive Service Parts and Accessories
    • Maintenance Parts
    • Repair Parts
    • Air Conditioner and Thermal Parts
    • Accessories
    • Gas Engine Plugs
    • Spark Plug
    • Oil Filters
    • Cabin Air Filters
    • Relay
    • Diesel Filter
  1. Industrial Products
    • Industrial Robots
    • Barcode and QR Code Handy Terminal
    • Spot Cooler
  1. Consumer Products
    • Home Energy Management System
    • CO2 Refrigerant Heat Pumps
  1. Services




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