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About Sony Corporation (

Sony is one of the leading and well-renowned Japanese companies which offer a wide range of electronics and entertainment products across the globe. The prime objective of the company is to design and develop products with groundbreaking technology, highest quality, and unlimited passion.

History of Sony Corporation (

  • Masaru Ibuka founded the company as a small venture in the year 1946 as ‘Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation’ in Tokyo, Japan. The company manufactured measuring and telecommunication equipment.
  • In January 1947, the company launched ‘Power Megaphone.’
  • In March 1950, the company launched a recording tape, and in May it launched the first magnetic tape recorder in Japan.
  • In March 1955, the company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and in September the same year, the first transistor radio was launched.
  • In January 1958, the company was officially rebranded as ‘Sony Corporation.’
  • In May 1962, the company launched the lightest and the smallest all-transistor TV in the world.
  • In 1970, the shares of the company were listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • In October 1982, Sony launched the world’s first CD player.
  • In December 2008, the company launched the world’s first OLED TV.

Various Products and Services Offered by Sony Corporation (

  1. Televisions and Home Theatre
    • Televisions
    • Home Theatres
    • Sound Bars
    • Projectors
    • DVD Players
  1. Video Cameras
    • Camcorders
    • Action Cameras
  1. Audio
    • Headphones
    • MP3 Players
    • Wireless Speakers
  1. Cameras
    • Compact Cameras
    • Lenses
  1. Storage and Cables
    • Batteries
    • Portable Chargers
    • Mobile Accessories
    • Memory Cards
  1. Mobiles and Accessories
    • Smartphones
    • Accessories



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