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About Scroll (Scroll .in)

The Scroll is one of the most preferred and one of India’s leading news website that offers complete coverage of a wide range of contents including Politics, Culture, Music, World, Science and Technology. The website ‘Scroll’ incorporates the full and detailed coverage of the latest topics and has a strong customer base that is growing daily.

Why Choose Scroll (Scroll .in)?

Readers today are well-read and are in urgent need of the correct and latest news and Scroll is fulfilling their needs and requirements. The primary objective of the website is to keep the readers aware of the current affairs in and around the world. The website provides in-depth information on the latest topics ranging from economy to share market and politics to sports.

Behind all the articles and blogs published on Scroll is a team of skilled and experienced creative writers and designers who work hard to deliver quality content to the readers.

Important Sectors Covered by Scroll (Scroll .in)

  • The Final Count (That tracks Assam’s National Register of Citizens)
  • Videos
  • Latest News
  • Magazine
  • Trending News
  • Sections
    • Opinion
    • Politics
    • Art and Culture
    • India
    • World
    • Televisions and Movies
    • Music
    • Ideas
    • Books
    • Economy and Business
    • Science and Technology
    • Announcements

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