Top 3 Architects and Interior Designer of Kolhapur


The city is famous for SAAJ (a necklace with traditional pattern), jaggery, Kolhapur chappal, and wrestling. The best of the designers’ talent in Kolhapur are:

1.    Designex (

Designex started by Anand Kulkarni and Ashish Kulkarni in 2010, to provide services in the areas of residential (individual and multiple), business-related buildings, hotels, hospitals, sports, townships, religious, industrial, etc. with its multi-disciplinary and experimental approach.

2.    Architect Keskar (

Architect Keskar is an architect and interior design firm in Kolhapur, started by Ashutosh Ramchandra Keskar. This firm is an expert in designing residential, commercial spaces, auditorium, multipurpose halls, sports complex, commercial retail interiors, offices, and institutional interiors.

3.    Dhole & Associates (

Dhole & Associates believe in “UPGRADING LIFESTYLE” through architecture and art, which follows the culture and function of the end-user. As a top Architects and Interior Designer Company in Kolhapur, the firm always believe in completion of work as per user requirement and dreams.

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