Top three Architects and Interior Designers in Jammu


It becomes essential to hire a designer that delivers as required. Let’s check details for the best of talent.

1.Whitemist Design Studio (

Established in the year 2012, by Mr. Anil Tikoo, the company is a team of Architects, Engineers, and Designers involved in creating solutions that are always beneficial to clients and the company. It offers the services in pre-design, preliminary design, design development, documentation, contract administration, and site administration.

2. B. B. Associates (

Established in 1990 by P.P. Singh Bali, the firm provide architectural and engineering consultancy services for all types of architectural projects. Since the commencement, the firm is giving service for architectural, structural, electrical details, interior design, sanitary and plumbing services in various residential, commercial and public buildings.

3. Aviral Design Studio (

The company was formed by Aviral Mahajan in 2017, with a passion for creating a better interior design with innovative design and cost-effective architectural design solutions. It specializes in unique products, landscape projects, residential design, office, and commercial plans.

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